What you need to know before switching to VOIP

Businesses are starting to realize just how many benefits VoIP services offer. The advantages of switching to VoIP (Voice over IP) are easy to accept because there are so many, but before your business jumps on the bandwagon of switching, there are a few things you should consider. Current and future bandwidth needs Voice over […]

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Analog Phones vs. VOIP

Comparing analog phones to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems is like comparing a basic telephone to a computer. An analog phone is a basic phone you can plug in and you’re instantly ready to use, but the VoIP is a little more complex than that. Analog phones are probably what you still have […]

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What are Advantages of having One-Way Emergency Communication System Incorporated into Fire Alarm Systems?

One-Way Emergency Communications Systems are intended to broadcast informational messages, in an emergency, to people in one or more specified indoor or outdoor areas. These messages can be activated by automatic or manual activation to broadcast multiple pre-recorded emergency messages, specific to the type of emergency; by audible, visible, or textual means, or any combination […]

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