Q: What are your normal business hours?

A: Our normal business hours are 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday thru Friday.

Q: What is your typical coverage area served?

A: Our general rule of thumb for our coverage area is 100 mile radius around our main office which is located in Minster, Ohio. We also try to stay within the State of Ohio. We do, however, follow our contractors and customers beyond these boundaries when requested.

Q: Do I need a fire alarm permit in the state of Ohio for my fire alarm system?

A: Yes, a fire alarm permit is required for any type of fire alarm system that gets installed in any type of facility within the state of Ohio. Even if current Ohio Building Codes do not mandate a fire alarm system and an owner of a facility voluntarily installs a fire alarm system in their facility, a fire alarm permit must be obtained. The only exception that may apply here, could be a “Residential” facility, but local codes may mandate a permit as well.

Addressable vs Conventional

Q: Is my fire alarm system required to be monitored off site?

A: Yes, the Ohio Building Code does mandate that any fire alarm system installed in a “Non-Residential” use building must be monitored off site. This type of monitoring applies to any type of fire alarm system, whether it is mandated by State Code or whether it is voluntarily being installed.

Q: Can I capture a license plate with my camera system?

A: The short answer is Yes. With proper placement and the right solution you can see what you need. Every situation is unique and you should always have a professional evaluate your needs to determine the correct camera, angle and recording equipment.

Q: Can I record audio with my cameras?

A: Yes most cameras have audio inputs built right into the camera and most recording systems have the ability on board as well. A few things to consider with Audio is storage space, audio files take up a good amount of band width and storage. The most important thing to consider is, where can you legally record audio, and, what the posting requirements of that is.

Q: When upgrading my existing Card Access Control System can I keep my existing Cards?

A: Yes you can keep your existing Access Cards and we can integrate them into a new solution, and we can typically just convert your existing card database into the new system without having to input all the cards individually again.

Q: When implementing a new Access Control Solution do I need to also contract with a General Contractor for the door hardware?

A: It is not necessary to contract out the door hardware to another company. We can handle all your door hardware needs in-house.

Q: If my paging system equipment fails and I am considering replacement, do I need to install new wiring?

A: In most cases your existing wiring can be utilized with a new solution saving you time and money. All situations do differ so make sure you contact a professional to do a proper site evaluation.

Q: Is it a good idea to upgrade my old outdated phone system?

A: Upgrading your communication system is more than a good idea…it’s the key to staying ahead today’s challenging business environment.
Let us review your current system and show you how a Panasonic solution can lower your costs and future-proof your business with smart technologies like:

  • Best-in-class digital, hybrid and IP solutions — whatever your business needs, we can connect you with an affordable solution for a better ROI
  • Network Communication Platforms — advanced, reliable all-in-one solutions for more cost-effective communications and easy integration with your existing technology.
  • Communication Assistant — Easy-to-use PC-based software suite that improves productivity by streamlining business communication between office-based workers, remote workers and remote locations
  • SIP Trunking — Possibly instantly reduce your monthly telecom expenses with one single connection for broadband and voice

Your business can do so much more with a Panasonic upgrade. Contact us today and take advantage of convenient financing options available right now.

Q: Do you provide a phone system that would fit the size of our company?

A: We offer small to large businesses like yours completely customizable and scalable communications solutions that are reliable, affordable and flexible, allowing you to be more responsive to your customers, to stay better connected to remote and mobile colleagues, and to quickly and effectively adapt to changes and challenges in the marketplace. Panasonic systems feature a modular design so it will expand to accommodate a growing business whether you are just starting out with a smaller office or if you have multiple locations and are still growing.