Fire Alarm Systems

What are the code requirements for a fire alarm system?

Have you thought about your building’s fire alarm system lately? Unless you’re constantly hearing your system go off or have been pushed to upgrade or replace your system, our guess is probably not. As a business owner, you may have questions about code requirements you need to meet, what your options are, or what systems […]

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What are Advantages of having One-Way Emergency Communication System Incorporated into Fire Alarm Systems?

One-Way Emergency Communications Systems are intended to broadcast informational messages, in an emergency, to people in one or more specified indoor or outdoor areas. These messages can be activated by automatic or manual activation to broadcast multiple pre-recorded emergency messages, specific to the type of emergency; by audible, visible, or textual means, or any combination […]

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Is Your Fire Alarm System Fully Operational?

Your fire alarm system is intended to protect you, your business, and your assets, but just because it looks like it’s working properly doesn’t mean it is. Some impairments cannot be noticed without proper inspection. Dust, dirt, and improper maintenance procedures can compromise the operation of your fire alarm, so it is essential that you […]

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